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Maintenance Packages Available

For Every Season

We offer summer maintenance packages and all-season packages.

Summer Maintenance Packages – must include weekly mowing. You can add on any other service, ie mulching, weeding, clean-ups, etc. The cost is broken down into an 8-month, monthly payment. Good for budgets!

All Season Packages – must include weekly mowing and snow removal. Any other service can be added in. Broken down into a set monthly payment plan for 12 months.

Our Services Include:

Landscaping services


Don’t let your weekend drain you of your time and energy tied to law /yard care maintenance. Enjoy your time and let BT’s Lawn Care, LLC, in Coopersburg, PA, take care of everything, we will come to your home or business  to provide you with a lawn that’s well-manicured and maintained. Here’s how we keep your lawn looking the best, by offering comprehensive lawn maintenance services.

Lawn Mowing

We offer lawn mowing services. Mowing height is set at a minimum of 3.5 inches. It includes string trimming and power blowing.


We install and deliver a wide variety of mulches.


We offer clean up services. We clean up debris in the yard, clean out mulch beds, and touch up the edging.
Front of home, mulch, bushes, flowers, trees
Front yard landscape with trees and flowers in mulch

Broadleaf Control

Soil Fertilization

Are you looking for ongoing lawn care soil fertilization or broadleaf control? BT’s Lawn Care, LLC, based Coopersburg, PA, offers a signature fertilization application program that will ensure the needed care for your property, on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. We’ll keep your sod grass green and beautiful while caring for any pest and or nutrient issue that crops up.


We install and deliver a wide variety of mulches.


We offer shrub and bush trimming services.


We offer core aeration services.